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Happy New Year 2014!

Good wishes and blessings for healing to all. I am very grateful to everyone who has been supportive and kind to me throughout this past year, particularly the Springer sisters, Desi and Micah, and all the wonderful students at Vital Yoga in both Denver and Golden.

At the beginning of this New Year I feel immensely blessed to have co-facilitated Sridaiva events with Desi Springer in 30 cities in 2013 in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Ireland, Spain, and Germany. In our attempt to make Sridaiva increasingly accessible to teens to seniors, we are starting 2014 by promoting Sridaiva as a healthy lifestyle that includes a positive attitude of self-accountability for our own optimal posture and nutritious diet. As a life practice, Sridaiva is utilized and embodied in any posture, especially those that we most commonly assume throughout your day — sitting, standing, and walking.

As a paradigm-shifting alignment system, Sridaiva can be further applied to any yoga, dance, or athletics. On the yoga mat the optimal template is dynamically sustained in transition between each pose and each variation, so that the posture is a true vinyasa flow. It is a moment-to-moment choice on aligning the posture of our body-minds for our health, for which we take ultimate responsibility.

I hope that I will get the opportunity to share with you the new Sridaiva teachings directly in the near future. Thank you for your support and dedication to self-improvement.

Blessings to All, John